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Gary Kramer

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Recent Posts By Gary Kramer

Google SGE: What Is It And Should You Be Afraid?

10 Min Read | November 27, 2023

Everything changes all of the time. Especially in the world of SEO. Google Search Results could likely be unrecognizably different by this time next year.…

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GA4 Comparisons, the New Segments

8 Min Read | December 4, 2023

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the standard tool for tracking and understanding web and app analytics, reflecting the latest advancements in user privacy and cross-platform…

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How Graphic Design Can Elevate Your Digital Marketing Efforts

11 Min Read | November 30, 2023

Graphic design isn't just a creative tool, it's a technique that toes the line of reality, and sometimes too effectively, magic, that enchants audiences, making…

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The Top 10 Scariest Web Design Mistakes You Can Make (And What To Do Instead)

17 Min Read | October 31, 2023

Marketing professionals are always a little queasy around Halloween. It’s not because we ate too much candy (though some of us do (burp)), but because…

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New Webinar: Maximizing Google Ads & Sales Team Synergy

2 Min Read | October 25, 2023

Are your digital marketing team and your sales team operating in silos, or are they working together to drive your business growth? If you're struggling…

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