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Matt Hoffmeyer

Digital Advertising Coordinator
PPC Digital Advertising | Matthew Hoffmeyer, PPC Account Manager

Matthew Hoffmeyer is a key player on our Execution team, tackling the ins and outs of PPC and SEO for the past year. His background boasts two years in the marketing game and an impressive educational lineup from Kent State University, with both a Bachelor’s and an Associate’s degree in Advertising under his belt.

His pre-DOM days were just as bustling, with stints in client services for a mortgage company, HR for a staffing agency, and even a gig in sales for a waste management company. These experiences have given him a well-rounded approach to understanding client needs and business dynamics.

When he’s not busy boosting our clients’ online presence, you might catch him networking with the American Marketing Association or rubbing elbows with the Pittsburgh Young Professionals.

A proud Ohioan, Matt’s a lifelong Cleveland sports fan with a penchant for talking sports and enjoying the energy of live games.