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Matt Klempa

Digital Marketing Coordinator
SEO Digital Marketing | Matthew Klempa, SEO Account Manager

Matt Klempa is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at DOM and a bit of a jack-of-all-trades in the SEO world. He’s been in the marketing game for 6 years, with the last 10 months spent with us. Matt’s the guy behind on-point SEO tasks like on-page optimizations and technical fixes, not to mention he’s got a knack for whipping up engaging blogs and social media posts.

Matt’s academic journey took him through Political Science for his Bachelor’s and then onto a Master’s in Education. From copywriting at Tag Worldwide to marketing gigs at TROY Group, Inc and People2.0, he’s gathered a pretty cool mix of experiences.

But there’s more to Matt than just marketing smarts. He’s big on giving back, getting involved in a yearly Christmas show in Wheeling that helps out non-profits supporting homeless and low-income folks. Drums have been his jam since 4th grade, and he’s even laid down some tracks for local bands in the Wheeling/Pittsburgh area.