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First, I apologize for not posting yesterday.  Halloween tends to be pretty involved in the Seibert household, although, no, I did not go to my business meeting in my All-Star Snork costume.

The NFL announced the launch of a new click-to-call campaign.  In their banner advertisements posted at various sites throughout the internet will be a box that allows the user to include their phone number and zip code.  They will then receive a call from a satellite or cable provider with information about subscribing to the NFL Network.

Now, this type of advertising is not new, but the technology behind it is steadily improving.  As it does, you will see more advertisers using Click to Call.  Benefits are easy to see.  Sellers love it because they can get a person live on the phone when their interest reaches its peak.  Ad responders are able to have someone call them and don’t have to commit phone numbers, web addresses or other information to memory.

Soon – maybe next year, maybe 2-3 years from now, the search engines will release a version allowing advertisers to Pay per Call similar to how they now Pay per Click.  Some online sites already offer this Pay per Call structure in some form or another.

Included in the search engine model is likely a safeguard allowing consumers confidence that their phone number will not be given to the advertiser at the point of contact and only if the consumer gives it directly to the advertiser himself or herself.

I expect both Pay per Click and Pay per Call models to coexist as they both offer benefits to users and businesses.  Rest assured that Direct Online Marketing will offer Pay per Call options in addition to Pay per Click as soon as they are available and we believe we can do so very profitably for your company.

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