The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

By DOM Team| 3 Min Read | July 29, 2007

And thus the saga continues……..

There are two types of people in this world – those who love what they do and those who just do it for the money. Yes, we all need a dollar or two to keep the wolf from the door, but not all of us need to be the wolf at the door.

In all walks of life at various stages and ages you’ll get those who will go an extra yard and those who know exactly how many yards they’re willing to go and will go no more.

Now I’ll admit that we can’t all do what we love – maybe your work affords you that luxury. But, I honestly won’t forgive corporations for not employing people who love what they do or develop an environment for their workforce to love what they do.

This past Friday we had Comcast back to wire up the back room after running a temporary cable up through the kitchen window. There was nothing they could do without the landlady’s say-so. And, with the landlady being away everything remained so-so until she got back.

She said the cable people could do what they needed to do and were informed accordingly. Imagine my slight disgust on returning from work on Friday to another cable running through a different window but this time to the back room. The cable guy couldn’t do anything without an electrician weaving some form of magic beforehand.

Strangely enough, this hadn’t been mentioned by the last cable guy or his manager when they originally tried to hook everything up. They just needed permission off our landlady to do whatever it was they needed to do.

I’m only picking on cable guys as they’re one of those professions that have a wildly different type of employee attending at any given time (or such an impression has been made upon me in my experience). Some of them love it and will happily talk HD or digital shop to you for a good half hour. Some simply can’t wait to do the bare minimum and toddle off for a coffee before their next appointment. And some are just plain inept.

There is no excuse for employing the bone idle or the inept. They will ruin any business and dilute your goodwill by people like me wittering about them on blogs or to their chums.

It shouldn’t be a given that a certain percentage of employees are going to be partially useless. Especially when there’s a decent percentage who’ll offer you a couple of extra free HD channels just because they know you’re going to love it as much as they do.

These are the types of people you should employ at every turn. The ones who are truly passionate about what they’re doing for you and truly believe in the type of product or service you’re trying to sell. Not some dope who can’t find the cables and defers all responsibility to a completely different profession thus washing his own personal hands of the affair.

Then again, if you’re the type of business owner who would sack the good cable guy for giving away the odd HD channel and would reward the latter for not spending excessive man hours on wiring up a second room then I’m wasting my breath am I not?

Still, it’s not like I haven’t wasted my breath before.

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