You Cannot Spell Happy Thanksgiving without O.J.

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Sorry, this blog is so late and will likely be so short. Apparently, the day before Thanksgiving is a great research day for people, so I was able to speak with more interested companies about using our internet marketing services today than usual. Thank you as always to those of you that shared your time with me.

I’ve been trying to write about OJ and his new book that now won’t happen for several days, but Michael Richards and other events pushed it back. You’ve heard what happened by now.

My biggest original beef was that Fox / News Corp / the book publisher were getting credit in some circles for pulling the show and the book. But they made the decision to do this in the first place. Money was all that mattered and they knew it would pull in viewers for sweeps and move books.

They only pulled it because advertisers didn’t want any piece of it. And let’s be honest, there probably were advertisers that would have paid, but they only backed out because of the public backlash.

Well, there was one other reason they pulled out of the deal. OJ knew profits from the venture would be blood money. Tiger couldn’t even put that much spin on the ball with his irons.

But, it wouldn’t be a “Happy Thanksgiving” blog post without some good news. Looks like the show will end up on the internet, as will the books. So somebody’s going to make money out of this mockery. Christmas does come a little earlier every year.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. No posts til Monday.

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