You Don’t Get This at Starbucks


A man walks into a coffee shop and asks for a cappa-frappa-lappa-dappa-ding-dong over ice and is told in no uncertain terms that he’s not welcome with his anathema to coffee taste.

He gets something approaching an iced coffee, leaves a swear word on a dollar bill as a tip then goes home to rant on his blog about his nondescript event claiming he’d only return to the place with a can of kerosene and some matches to torch the place.

Perhaps he didn’t account for the fact that the owner of the coffee shop also had a blog, but Mr. Owner decided to reply to the customer’s complaints in full on his blog culminating in a threat to punch the fella in his crown jewels.

The next thing you know it’s all over the Web and a WaPO reporter is interviewing everybody concerned.

You can get the overall picture/primer here, then read the two offenders’ take on proceedings here and here.

I just suggest you read it if you have the time, but be warned there are some naughty words floating around – after all, coffee can be a very emotive subject.

If you must know, I’m on the side of the coffee shop owner. I believe businesses should be able to set out their vision for a better world in whatever it is they may do.

Although there was no need for everybody concerned to be so ridiculous about it.

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