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  • BS at West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
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Jim Foreman

Content Team Lead
Jim Foreman Headshot

It’s no secret that the key to good marketing is what story you choose to tell. Jim has been telling stories his whole life, and now he gets to tell them for DOM.

If you can look at it on a screen, he’s probably made it, edited it, cut it, recorded it, or developed it. His origin story begins in the dorms of West Virginia University, where he hand-coded his first website on a 56k dial-up connection using nothing but a text editor, an HTML glossary, and his imagination.

That quick grasp of new technology and early adoption will serve him well over the next 20 years, as he approaches digital marketing with a hobbyist’s zeal and an eye for DIY. After spending years in the insurance industry and working on his fiction writing, a friend in marketing saw Jim as the perfect candidate for a web editor position. “You know, people will hire you to do this stuff,” she said, as he helped her with the website at Artist Image Resources, a local nonprofit dedicated to providing a laboratory for local artists to tell their stories.

This assertion proved true, as Jim would quickly move from web editor to the head of all digital marketing efforts at Carlow University, at one time juggling the constantly-shifting website of a higher education institution, managing the vibrant social media accounts for the University, all the while creating award-winning content and making sure marginalized voices got to be heard.

Born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia, Jim finished his degree at West Virginia University and would contribute to the digital marketing efforts of Artists Image Resources, serving as a board member. As an adult brain cancer survivor, Jim approaches every experience with the enthusiasm of someone who got a second chance and will never, ever, take each new day for granted.

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