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Exceptional content is a foundational building block for any SEO campaign. Corporate Visions was not getting the results it needed from organic search, even with its massive content library. Before 2016, the company attempted to manage SEO in-house, and soon realized the many challenges with increasing traffic from search engines.

When Corporate Visions realized it didn’t possess the capacity to tackle SEO on its own, the business sought to partner with an agency that was able to:

  • Drive organic traffic to the site

  • Assist with SEO site migration strategies and redesign efforts

  • Generate sales-qualified leads from search

  • Demonstrate results with full transparency


We started by analyzing Corporate Visions’ current and historical search performance, competitor research, and an examination of industry trends. We then created a custom-tailored strategy to outline the best course of action and what DOM would deliver throughout the campaign.

Our results were made possible by focusing on three key components - SEO Migration Services, Historical SEO, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - in addition to the core SEO services all of our clients receive.


Many agencies can generate traffic, but our team drove traffic to Corporate Visions’ website resulting in highly qualified prospects. The total number of leads from SEO increased by 37%. Of those, at least 25% were sales-qualified leads, turning organic search into its top-performing digital channel.

By partnering with DOM, SEO became a critical driver of success; organic search became the single most impactful digital channel for the company. In the first six months of 2018, Corporate Visions had the highest number of leads in the history of the company — a nine-million-dollar increase in their pipeline.

By The Numbers


Increase in SEO Traffic


Increase in SEO Leads


Sales Qualified Leads

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