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Google Teams with Swedish Post; Could USPS Be Next?

December 2, 2010 |

I was reading newspapers from around Sweden like I do every morning (okay, maybe it was just this tweet), when I stumbled across this news… Read More

Google Places Now Verifying Discrepancies with Local Listings

December 1, 2010 |   , , ,

I know we share our issues with Google here from time to time, but we try to be fair.  In that vein, they deserve some… Read More

Google AdWords Class Action Settlement: Blank CPC Content Bids

November 26, 2010 |

Updated Below. Give Google credit – they certainly understand the news cycle.  For the second time on a holiday in the past two months, they… Read More

Google Hotpot: Google Getting More Personalized, More Local

Last night – perhaps while you were dreaming about sugarplum fairies – Google did a soft launch of Hotpot.  It’s Google’s offering of personalized recommendations… Read More

How Google Instant Affects Paid Search

As we mentioned previously, on September 8, 2010, Google launched Google Instant, a search enhancement that shows results as you type.  Since then much has… Read More

Spooky Floating Google Maps in Time for Halloween

As you’re probably aware, Halloween is the Official Holiday of Direct Online Marketing™.  It will remain that way no matter how many employees tell me… Read More

Daily Kos: SEO Political Strategy for Grass Roots Constituents

The more we run search/display ad programs for and follow online political marketing campaigns, the more interesting behind the scenes machinations become.   So you can… Read More

Google Instant: Great Way to Burn through Your AdWords Budget

So seemingly the whole world is abuzz about Google Instant – that new feature Google launched today where results will update automatically as you type. … Read More

Are Online Banners Considered Paid Search?

Just a quick update today from the From the Analytics Files, where someone asked, “Are online banners considered paid search?”  It’s an interesting question and… Read More

Goals are Your Friend in Google Analytics (Unlike France in the World Cup)

Update: USA! USA! USA! Update 2: England advances, putting both official DOM rooting interests through to the next round. Since the television down here in… Read More

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