On Bricks, Cinder Blocks & Exporting AdWords

By Justin Seibert| 1 Min Read | April 12, 2010

More pictures from this weekend on our building in South Wheeling, West by God Virginia.  If you like seeing stuff gutted and pictures of what’s between the bricks and drywall (in our case – cinder blocks), look no further.

Quick programming note as we just signed two new foreign clients for pay per click management – one from Australia and one from the UK.  We are fully capable of running international paid search programs for both companies outside the United States and for running campaigns for United States organizations looking to export their products and services across the world.  That includes not just Google, but also search engines like Yandex (Russia), where we’ll be starting a new campaign for an existing client in two weeks.  Who needs a Latin-based alphabet?

I wasn’t actually sure if I was going to take down the old Century Video sign, but I guess the contractors made the decision for me.  Just as well – a couple of the letters were damaged.  I was thinking about keeping it up, though, as kind of my version of Jumbo’s Clown Room from Los Angeles.

Earlier building picture here.

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