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Apple and Google Advertising | Advertising on Apple and Google | Apple and Google Ad Update Blog Graphic
By Jim Foreman| 7 Min Read | August 7, 2020

Are Google and Apple’s Upcoming Updates Going to Destroy the Ad Industry?

Big changes in company policies can mean big changes for the businesses that rely on…

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optimize linkedin profile
By DOM Team| 8 Min Read | August 27, 2019

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile To Attract Prospects

LinkedIn is unquestionably the leader in social media networking for business professionals. Yet many of…

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GDPR compliance
By DOM Team| 8 Min Read | June 27, 2019

General Data Protection Regulation Recommendations

Just a mere mention of GDPR can send company executives into a rabbit hole filled…

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facebook recommendations - facebook reviews - what's the difference?
By Justin Seibert| 5 Min Read | August 8, 2018

Facebook Recommendations: What You Need to Know (Updated August 2018)

Editor's Note: On August 6, 2018, Facebook announced that they are renaming the Reviews users…

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SEO Garden Feature
By DOM Team| 17 Min Read | June 24, 2016

SEO in the Garden of Google and Evil

Whoever said good things come to those who wait must have had a feeling that…

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Webinar Best Practices
By DOM Team| 4 Min Read | January 19, 2015

9 Ways to Ensure Nobody Misses Your Next Webinar

Are webinars a part of your content strategy for 2015? Webinars can be very successful…

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By Justin Seibert| 5 Min Read | February 21, 2012

TripAdvisor Astroturfing Hand Slapping

One of my favorite topics when it comes to review sites is astroturfing.* What is…

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Facebook Places Logo
By Justin Seibert| 2 Min Read | August 11, 2011

The 1 Place Google Places Still Shows Outside Reviews

If you've been reading this blog for awhile or have spoken to me ever, you…

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Google Places Goes It Alone
By Justin Seibert| 3 Min Read | July 25, 2011

Google Places Goes It Alone (with Reviews) – UPDATED

If you weren't paying attention last week you missed that Google Places has dropped 3rd…

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Google's +1 for AdWords Ads Misses the Point
By Justin Seibert| 4 Min Read | June 23, 2011

Google’s +1 for AdWords Ads Misses the Point

We've had clients asking us about our thoughts regarding Google's recent roll-out of its +1…

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By Justin Seibert| 19 Min Read | May 13, 2011

Interview with on Dealer Ratings: Part 2

On Wednesday, we posted the first half of an interview with Nick Hummer of…

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By Justin Seibert| 13 Min Read | May 11, 2011

Interview with on New Dealer Review System: Part 1

As we mentioned before, switched over to a new dealers review and rating system…

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