Brands Beware, Start using Facebook’s Link-Share!

Brands Beware. Start using Facebook's Link Share!

While we all can’t be Facebook pro’s or keep up with ever-changing algorithms, the latest Facebook tweak is very important for brands to recognize. Lucky for you, you’re reading a top digital marketing blog!

Facebook Page Text Only Status Updates

On Tuesday, Facebook announced that when users see more text status updates from friends in their news feeds they actually write more status updates themselves; 9 million more updates each day! While this keeps users engaged with “friends” it did not have the same engagement results from pages. Consumers are not interacting with text only status updates from brands. Studies have shown that much more interaction is produced from pictures and video rather than just text. Facebook is working on differentiating between pages and updates from friends. The end goal is giving its users the content the user wants to see.

What Does this Mean for Brands?

It means that text status updates from pages will be pushed to the bottom of feeds. Let’s not forget that we as humans are lazy and we don’t regularly scroll to the bottom of a page/news feed. How do you get around this? You start using Facebook’s link-share.

Some Quick Examples

Brands will want to shy away from embedding links in their updates, as per Facebook these are the updates that will be pushed to the bottom of feeds.

Instead you will want to place your link in the status box, once you do this Facebook will automatically generate a link and a thumbnail. The great part about this is if your link has more than one image, you can chose which image will be posted by clicking through the grey arrows. Once you have done that, you can remove the link you pasted, creating an eye pleasing, easy to read post! A great way to capture your customers’ attention!

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