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Social Media and Strategic Management

By Denise DeSimone| 3 Min Read | April 1, 2022
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It’s easy to create a social media presence. The hard part is building a social media presence with an eye on strategic management. That begins with a deep dive into the pool of numbers. Every brand should be aware of their demographics in all advertising pursuits. Social Media is not different, it is essential to target the right audience.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, and LinkedIn all share common ground. They are all social media platforms. What they are not is the same audience. It’s easy to jump into the “what’s hot” game. Just because one platform is suddenly the talk of the web doesn’t mean that every brand should rush in.

The Demographics of Social Media

Clearly, each social media platform appeals to a different demographic. The latest demographics from the independent Pew Research in a survey conducted from January 25 through February 8, 2021, dives into the gender, race, age, income level, education, and living areas of U.S. social media users. This information is essential to decide on the relevant platforms for companies, Brands and organizations to concentrate on in their social media strategy.

A quick glance at the numbers tells everyone that YouTube is the reigning king among all age groups except those over sixty-five, who still cling to Facebook. A Brand that focuses on a millennial market will do well to have a strategic YouTube social media marketing plan in place. While a Brand reaching out to the baby boomers should reconsider even having a YouTube strategy right now.

With all that needs to be deciphered in creating a strategic social media marketing plan, the best decision any Brand can make is to hire a social media strategy team. Professional social media managers know the demos inside out, which are different by country, continent, and even region.

Why Choose One Over The Other

Whether your company, Brand, or organization is just beginning to use the power of social media or is looking at how to be more effective, there are key questions to ask. To decide a social media strategic management plan these questions need answers:

Who – who does the Brand want to reach?

What – what information, discounts, premieres of new products, and customer service engagement can be offered?

Where – which platform does the key demographic of the Brand favor

When – when are they engaging with a particular platform, there is prime time, off-peak and no time uses of every platform by age unless targeting an international audience.

Why – Social media serve different purposes, it can:

  • Solidify a Brand
  • Reinforce A Brand
  • Introduce A Brand
  • Keep the Brand in focus
  • Offer direct e-commerce sales
  • Supply information to potential clients, or customers

A strategic social media management plan is not something that can be managed in your spare time. Assigning the marketing department personnel, customer service reps, or other team associates may seem like a cost savings idea, but without a strategic plan results, it is a waste of resources.

If You Build it, They May Not Come

The intricacies of a solid, worthwhile, effective social media presence have moved beyond the realm of “anyone can do it”. Just because it’s built doesn’t mean anyone will come. It takes a professional team who can apply demographic and engagement analysis to create engaging content on the right platform to reach out and make it a worthwhile place for social media users to visit.

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