A page that appears below the top-level pages in a website’s navigation. These pages often appear as drop-downs in a top navigation bar or sidebar menu. Think of subpages as “child pages” of the “parent page.” For example would be a subpage of while is a subpage of

More Questions People Ask About Subpages

What is the difference between a page and a subpage?

When talking about the content of a website, referring to one thing as a page and another as a subpage suggests something about that page’s position in the hierarchical structure of the website as a whole.

A subpage is not at the top of the hierarchy. A subpage is subordinate (or under) some other, higher page. Calling something a subpage suggests that it stands in a child-to-parent relationship to the page above it in the website’s organizational hierarchy.

A page can be used loosely to refer to any given page on a website. However, if you were to apply a strict distinction between page and subpage, you might say that there is only one page on a website—the homepage (or root domain)—because that is the only page on the site with no page above it.

What is an example of a subpage?

The SEO Services page in this example is a subpage of the home page.


  • Home page URL:
  • SEO Services page URL:

Comparing the URLs of the two pages shows where each page falls in the hierarchy of the website. The home page ( is the highest page, and therefore under a strict definition, the only page on the website. Conversely, the SEO Services page ( is a subpage to the home page.

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