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Gmail Sponsored Promotions: Domain Targeting Bids Adieu (Updated 2020)

By Nikki Powley| 1 Min Read | August 19, 2020

Google AdWords advertisers using Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) made a big change in their marketing.

What Is Domain Targeting & What Changed?

A few years ago, Google announced that they’re ending the domain targeting feature in GSP.

You could enter specific domains (like in the Display Keyword section of your GSP campaign and Google would scan email bodies and subjects for the specific domain. It was a pretty targeted method of reaching people who have received information from, say, your competitors.

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The Impact

GSP targeting had always been a little bit of a mystery with Google. They were basically crawling user inboxes and scanning recent email content for selected targeting. Domain targeting at least gave you the opportunity to target users with emails from specific companies.

With the exit of domain targeting, you’re left with much broader keywords that could not only include emails from specific companies but also users simply talking about a company in an email.

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