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Google AdWords Meets Advertisers in the Middle Regarding Ad Rotations

By DOM Team| 2 Min Read | June 7, 2012
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When I found out that Google AdWords was changing their ad rotation a couple weeks ago I wanted to pull my hair out. To recap quickly, Google decided it was in advertisers’ best interest to automatically change ads that were set to rotate to optimize for clicks after 30 days. While this may be in Google’s best interest (show me the money), we didn’t feel it was in our clients’ best interest. And, I’m absolutely positive that many other advertisers felt this way. As a matter of fact, so many advertisers spoke-up signed petitions, and outright raged about it that Google kind-of met us in the middle.


Here are the two new ad rotation options:

  1. Instead of changing ads set for rotate to optimize for clicks after 30 days, they’re lengthening the time to 90 days.
  2. Advertisers can complete a form to have their ads set to rotate indefinitely. It’s a short form and of course, I completed ours as soon as I walked in on Monday morning.

I say kind-of met us in the middle because unlike the opt-out button they included with the match type change a few weeks ago, advertisers have to reach out to Google AdWords if they want to keep their ad settings status quo. Google said that if they see a large amount of demand, they’ll include an opt-out button directly in the user interface.

Cover your eyes….here comes the rant: Are you kidding me? First, I commend Google for listening! Great customer service is the number one attribute every business should embrace and Google has done a great job of listening. Second, I bow to them for putting in a workaround to keep their money-makers happy. However, the demand for this has already been thrown in their face so why would they not include the button?

In closing, I’d like to thank Google for listening and meeting us in the middle. But come on…. just include the button and let’s be done with it!

To get more information on this topic, contact us today for a free consultation or learn more about our status as a Google Partner Agency before you reach out.

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