google comes to frederick md

Heads Up, Frederick: The Googles are Coming

By Justin Seibert| 4 Min Read | July 30, 2015

Our next event is Tuesday, August 25th in Frederick, MD.

We took the same recipe from our Google Morgantown event, added some of this, left out some of that, and came up with the perfect dish for marketing directors and business owners.

We will satisfy your appetite for learning how to grow your businesses online.

Emeril - BAM!

Bam, indeed.

So What Am I Going To Learn?

Anything and everything search-engine related—specifically in four areas:

Start off with a delicious breakfast and wake-me-up coffee. We’ll have a group discussion to learn the most pressing issues impacting Frederick-area businesses. Then we’ll get into the main courses (seriously, what is with all the food metaphors?).

You’ll hear from certified DOM experts as we give you 101- and 201-level instruction on SEO, PPC, and Google My Business local listings (Google Maps)—all the tactics you need to market your organization effectively on Google. True to our educational roots, these are lecture-style interactive classes where attendees are encouraged to ask questions.


but wait there's more billy mays

Hear Directly from Google

Two of our Google representatives are flying out from the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA (hey, being a Google Partner in the top tier has its perks).

Hear directly from Google about the most important technological issues your company will be facing over the coming months and years. Plus like with us, they’ll take questions during and after their presentations.

If you’re looking to grow your business long-term, this session is essential.

Get One-on-One Help

At the end of the presentations, we’ll be holding one-on-one consultations. Use this time for any of the following:

  • Getting your business information up, verified, and correct on Google Maps. Google My Business accounts are free, but any of you that have had issues with Google Maps before know how difficult making a change can be. Because of our status with Google, we have actual reps who can help and expedite the process. Plus for anyone who verifies their listing, you’ll get a Let’s Put Frederick on the Map t-shirt. Don’t like free t-shirts? Give it to someone else before your flight takes off for Stalingrad, comrade.
  • Get a free review of your Google AdWords account. We’ll sit down together and give you tips for improvement and areas where we see opportunity.
  • Learn how well optimized your site is for SEO. Find out what changes you can make to improve your natural (free) traffic from Google.
  • Receive a Web Visibility Report for your company to see how well you’re being found right now.
  • See how you stack up to your competitors. What are they doing that you’re not?
  • Anything else you want to discuss. Well, about online marketing. Or beer, if I’m the one speaking with you.

Just be aware that these slots fill up quickly, so you should request your review when you register for the event.

Sign Up Now

Ready to do this thing? It’s a morning event, so you don’t have to give up your entire day (even though for the knowledge you’ll be gaining, it would be worth it).

If you’re in the Frederick area, I hope you can make it!

PS – It’s free. If I were smarter, we’d charge for it just so people wouldn’t say “it’s free – how much value can it have?” But I don’t want anyone to have any excuse for not attending, so we’re going the gratis route.

PPS – Here’s me riding a bike at the Googleplex letting you know what you’ll learn. Don’t judge my riding skillz; it’s hard to ride slowly for the filmer so he doesn’t have to sprint backward.

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