Happy Thanksgiving from SNL and DOM

Happy Thanksgiving

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people that have made Direct Online Marketing™ possible: our clients, employees, partners, vendors, visitors, and those of you that have given advice for no other reason than wanting to help.  We feel truly blessed.

We’ll be closed completely on Thursday to allow our employees to celebrate this wonderful American holiday with their families.   While we will be doing work on Friday for retail clients, we will not be able to receive or return any non-Black Friday communication that day.  We’ll get back to you first thing Monday for all other communications.

In honor of the holiday, we wanted to leave you with a couple clips from the Golden Age of Saturday Night Live (defined, obviously, as when I used to watch it).  First, with apologies to Tonto, Tarzan, and Frankenstein, and here’s the quintessential Thanksgiving skit:

Completely tangentially just to share this story, I recently had the chance to meet one of my favorite comediennes from my childhood: Victoria Jackson.  That’s a Zapruder-quality photo so you know it actually happened.  Remember, kids, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

She could not have been any nicer and shared a lot about her days with SNL.  When I asked her what skit people most often asked her about, she said Toonces even though she wasn’t really a big part of that one.  I asked her about my favorite skit of hers: Who’s Dumber and…she didn’t remember it!  My heart was broken!

Ms. Jackson, on the off chance you have Google Alerts set up on your name and this post shows up in your inbox, here it is.

Note that it’s not on hulu since they don’t have a big library of past shows up there.

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