Unsure How To Set Up Google Analytics 4? There’s A Checklist For That!

By Jonathan Bentz| 5 Min Read | October 25, 2022
Google Analytics 4 Setup Guide - Free GA4 Checklist PDF Now Available

So many companies are preparing to set up Google Analytics 4 over the next 9 months.

If you run or work for one of those companies, we want to let you know about the exclusive GA4 setup checklist we have released today.

Compiled by two of our Senior Digital Analysts (learn more about them below), our GA4 Setup Checklist is an effective starter guide for companies of all sizes that need to learn if:

  • They are making the setup process too complicated
  • Their implementation follows best practices
  • They are unsure if they are ready for when GA4 fully replaces UA
  • They want to make sure they avoid any future “Oh $#!+” moments with their marketing analytics

Our company has conversations daily with growing companies about digital marketing and campaign measurement. From our agency President down to the newest member of the account management team, there may not be conversations had more frequently in the last six months than around the uncertainty of setting up GA4.

  • How soon should we migrate to GA4?
  • What more do we need than what comes from GA4 “out of the box”?
  • How difficult is this platform to actually make useful?

Your company may think it still has time to wait to migrate. And technically, you’re right.

But the longer you wait, the sooner July 1, 2023 is going to come. On that day, the Google Analytics you’ve all grown to know and love is going to cease to exist.

Setting up GA4 is more than a simple change of tracking scripts and fields in Google Tag Manager. Instead, every GA4 migration plan should serve as the first step towards shifting how your company is going to measure web performance.

Our GA4 setup guide is designed to serve as that initial planning document for you and your company.

What’s Included In Our Guide To Set Up Google Analytics 4?

Set Up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) With Our Free Checklist PDF Now Available

Glad you asked. Our Google Analytics 4 setup guide includes:

  • What you need to plan and prepare before getting started
  • 15 settings to review as you prepare GA4 properties, data streams, and data collections
  • Tips for setting up event and conversion tracking
  • Applicable integrations to connect
  • 3 best practices hand selected by our team of digital analysts

Do any of these sound like areas of concern for you as you start to setup GA4? Are you ready to invest the time to get meaningful insights from the data GA4 provides?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, click here to download our GA4 implementation checklist.

Who Is Our Guide To Set Up Google Analytics 4 Intended For?

Whether you have already gone through the GA4 setup assistant or not, this checklist will be helpful to confirm a completed migration will provide your marketing teams with meaningful insights.

However, we do think it’s fair to tell you upfront – this is a checklist for the preparation and initial setup phases of a GA4 implementation.

If you are a developer or analyst looking for a very specific fix to a problem you have encountered doing a migration, you may not find our checklist to be the solution you seek. Sorry!

That said, this checklist should be perfect for you if you are a:

  • Seasoned marketing leader making data-driven decisions
  • Growth hacker on the lookout for the next channel to scale
  • Emerging marketer who lives in Universal GA to track KPIs

If this sounds like you and your company hasn’t made it too far along the GA4 migration path, get the GA4 checklist here.

Want to learn more about the analysts who created this checklist? Meet them below!

Meet Our Senior Digital Analysts Who Created The Checklist

Senior Digital Advertising Analyst Steve D’Angelo


Steve D’Angelo is certified in multiple disciplines of digital marketing and advertising from Google (including Google Analytics) and HubSpot. He has spent his entire career helping growing and enterprise companies in data-driven industries like healthcare, technology, and insurance create actionable measurement strategies so they can fully utilize their complex analytics setups.

Click here to get connected with him on LinkedIn.

Senior Digital Analyst Dana Schumacher


Dana Schumacher is a Google Analytics Qualified Individual who was one of the first hires at DOM specifically dedicated to campaign analysis. Prior to joining our team to help our clients grow their SEO and social media campaigns with greater confidence, Dana spent over a decade serving as an in-house analyst for publicly traded enterprises,  eCommerce companies, and software development firms.

Click here to get connected with her on LinkedIn.

Want To Get More About GA4?

Google Analytics 4 Training - Start Your GA4 Journey July 14, 2022

These helpful links below are great places to get started!

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