How Hillary’s “Cry” Can Turn You into a Better Business Blogger

By DOM Team| 5 Min Read | January 10, 2008

How entertaining is it to see every pundit, pollster, politician and average Jolene questioning Hillary Clinton’s win in New Hampshire?

Hillary was toast. It’s interesting to see that the pollsters were spot on on Monday night on all counts apart from the Clinton surge. But, we still have no reason to trust the pollster’s explanations of the phenomenon using the same methodologies that got them into trouble in the first place.

We also have no reason to believe the media pundits in their lame second-guessing and interpretations of what went on based on wrong polling data. At least the pollsters are a primary data source. Watching the media cope with their script being torn up was almost like watching a flapping goldfish having fallen out of its bowl.

Was it Hillary’s emotional ex-lax moment where she managed to unblock her constipated tear ducts that clinched it? Was the perceived media bullying a call to Clinton supporters and the sisterhood to get out and support their gal? Or was there something rotten in the state of New Hampshire?

Plenty of pundits spoke of how Hillary had managed to humanize herself and subsequently proved she was authentic and passionate in the process. Hillary even mentioned finding her own voice either before or after her pupils began to lactate. As Jon Stewart opined, “That’s it?”

But all this talk of authentic, passionate voices and the humanizing of Hillary reminds me of the benefits of starting a business blog. Think of your existing Website as Hillary pre-watering-up-gate. Yes, your site is stagnant, cold and dehumanizing – nobody new is willing to buy into whatever it is you’re wanting them to buy into. But, once you start a blog and begin making connections with people and show them you’re passionate with an authentic voice you’re well on your way to a massive swing over to your camp. However, you can’t fake it and nor will becoming a blubbering blogger help you any. That’s where you stop short of doing a Hillary.

The real online success story of this election has been the diminutive libertarian, Ron Paul. He’s broken online fund raising records and leads nearly every poll online. To say his supporters are organized would be a slight understatement. What we’ve got is Paul tapping into a niche and the niche tapping back. This is the perfect alignment between politician and supporter, but something slightly different to what you’re seeing with other front runners.

It’s more than enough proof pudding that identifying with your niche and resonating works. It’s an element of online marketing that many businesses miss. Far too many businesses see the online space as an opportunity to spread their wings. However, if you’re able to consolidate and resonate with those who already love you then you’re well on your way. The Ron Paul campaign has its own evangelists, ground troops, lunatics – call them what you will, but there isn’t a business alive that couldn’t benefit from equally passionate supporters.

If you do the right things and are perfectly aligned then your customers become your greatest marketers and sales people. Being able to raise a record breaking $20 million in a single day with only 10% (according to those pollsters) of the Republican support is certainly not to be sneered at.

As insane as some people believe Ron Paul’s supporters to be – the merest mention of Ron Paul and they’ll be all over you like a rash – it is they who are leading the alternative charge via various blogs, online forums and Web sites that something wasn’t quite right with the vote in New Hampshire. It’s not as if people haven’t been sent down for rigging elections in New Hampshire before now.

Whether you believe you look fetching in tin foil or not, you can’t help but be impressed by some of the dedicated investigative work certain people have put into ensuring elections are on the up and up. Have you seen any of the MSM outlets putting together a table of the New Hampshire votes comparing each town and district’s machine and hand voting tallies?

Once you see this kind of coverage going on outside of the usual sphere of influence, you can build a far bigger and better picture of what is actually going on. Even journalists have cottoned on with 70% now claiming they check blogs on a regular basis to help formulate their stories.

Blogs are a regular source for journalists: Over three-quarters of reporters see blogs as helpful in giving them story ideas, story angles and insight into the tone of an issue.

America may be crying out for change, or changed their vote due to somebody crying, but the real change has been happening online for some time; and for those who are interested it’s time to play catch up.

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