How to Hold a Brand Concept Development Workshop

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Coming up with a brand concept is a lot easier said than done. Trying to capture the key facets of your whole business in a few words takes a lot of thought and consideration and sometimes, business owners are too close to the business to be able to describe it adequately.

A brand concept workshop is an excellent way to pin down what you want your brand to say to your audience, in a more efficient and more effective format.

Here’s how you can hold a brand concept workshop of your own.

Get different people involved

You’ll need people with different viewpoints and experiences to help in developing your brand. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating something that doesn’t resonate with your audiences.

Include your customers and employees, as well as your rebranding consultant and any other stakeholders to ensure all voices are being heard, and that your brand strategy speaks to all of them.

Think of the name

Think about the features and benefits of your products and services and what you want people to feel when they experience them. Does your current company name resonate with what you actually do? Are the names of your products and services accurate and adequate?

Develop a slogan

A slogan should describe your brand in a few words. The most successful slogans tend to be memorable, and your slogan should contain two to five words that convey your brand’s message through strong words that spark an emotion with your audience.

Think about your language

How do you want your brand to communicate with its audience? Think of the tone and language that will be used throughout your brand content. It needs to be in line with your brand name and slogan so that it coincides with the overall concept.

Visual elements

Your visual elements, such as the logo and theme, are the aesthetics to your brand message. Color is incredibly powerful in branding. Colors convey emotion, so think carefully about the emotions you wish to invoke.


What are your brand’s core messages? Rebranding will ensure that these are communicated to your audience. You will need to consider your mission statement and vision statement, and develop company guidelines so that your employees can build the brand message into their work ethos.

Implementing consistency

The most effective rebrands maintain consistency across all areas of business. Think about how you are going to implement the rebrand and ensure your messaging, visual elements, and language are the same across all platforms.

This is a lot to think about. A series of workshops will help you by allowing you to concentrate on one aspect at a time.

Be thorough. Take the time you need to get the most out of your brand concept development workshop or workshops. The time you spend here could save you a lot of time and money—preparation can mean the difference between rebranding failure and rebranding success.

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