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How to Use HubSpot to Grow Your Business

By C-L Team| 4 Min Read | June 16, 2021
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HubSpot has been benefiting sales and marketing efforts for businesses for over 10 years. Their inbound tools and platforms help companies attract more visitors to their websites, delight those visitors, convert those visitors to leads, then finally turn those leads into happy customers. From content creation, workflow and marketing automation, lead capture and scoring, customer relation management, and pipeline management, HubSpot has enabled thousands of companies to grow their business in a scalable and measurable way.

What Exactly Does HubSpot Do?

HubSpot allows you to beautifully integrate your sales and inbound marketing efforts into one CRM. This platform simply helps you grow your business by generating new leads, developing strategic content catered to your target audience, and serving as the “missing” link between your sales and marketing team’s efforts.

HubSpot’s model is simple at first glance–attract visitors, convert leads, close customers, and continue to delight these customers as continual clients. Their plethora of tools allows you to create and host web and landing pages, create custom blogs for your content, set up automatic email sequences for both your marketing distribution and sales outreach, and manage all your contacts in one place. As for most tools, it can be tough to organize and segment these lists (that’s what we are here for), but with a bit of practice and repetition, you can utilize these tools to help close more business and warm-up leads for your sales team.

No matter where a prospect may be in your sales cycle or pipeline, HubSpot can help you place data-driven value on those leads and give your company insight when they are engaged enough with your brand to be closer to becoming a customer.

How it Can Help Your Business Grow

HubSpot has different tools and platforms that are separated for your individual needs. There are some free options, but for specific solutions, you might require a paid “Hub”. Obviously, they all work together, but keep reading for a quick breakdown on each of the different Hubs.

HubSpot Free CRM

Every company should utilize an effective CRM. The HubSpot CRM helps you track and organize your customers, leads, and general contacts. The best thing about this CRM? It’s totally free!

Check out a few benefits of the HubSpot CRM:

  • Pipeline Management
  • Contact/Lead Information and Organization
  • Track Activity and Engagement of a Contact
  • Email Syncing and Tracking
  • Data Tracking and Reporting

HubSpot Marketing Hub - C-leveled Marketing Experts

HubSpot Marketing

This Hub has everything you or your marketing team will need to run effective campaigns to increase your inbound lead generation. You can use it to create content, distribute it to the right people, track their engagement, and convert them into reaching out to your business. It also can help your sales team by giving insight on when a lead is close to conversion. If someone opens an email 30 times from your company to review content or information, that’s probably someone you’d like to talk with, right?

Here are a few solutions their Marketing Hub offers:

  • Create and Manage Landing Pages
  • Email Templates and Sequences
  • Social Media Content and Management
  • Create Blog templates, publish, and hosting
  • Real-time Analytics and Reporting

HubSpot Marketing Hub - C-leveled Marketing Experts


The Sales Hub is another tool for you and your sales team to manage, keep track of communications and reach outs, and move along your pipeline and sales process. It is a powerful tool to manage your sales team, their efforts, and help them close leads. Hate rewriting that same engagement sales email over and over again? This tool will help you free up that time to prospect and meet with leads with their custom templates and sequence features.

Here are a few ways HubSpot Sales can help you close more business:

  • Pipeline Management and Tracking, Deal Forecasting
  • Links to Schedule Meetings
  • Email Templates and Sequences
  • Task and Follow-up/Reach Out Reminders and Scheduling
  • Reporting on How Much a Lead has been Engaging with Content
  • Lead Scoring and Tracking
  • Email Open Reporting

HubSpot Sales Hub - C-leveled Pittsburgh Marketing Agency

If you can’t tell yet, it’s obvious we love and use HubSpot ourselves for our marketing and sales efforts. It helps us track what we are doing right and what we could work on. It also lets us know when someone is really digging what we are putting out there, and when it’s the right time to introduce ourselves.

HubSpot Computer - C-leveled Marketing

Our team will gladly guide you through HubSpot’s features and tell you more about how it can help your business grow and meet this year’s goals. Contact us today about integrating HubSpot for your sales and marketing efforts.

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