How to Use LinkedIn for Personal Branding

By C-L Team| 3 Min Read | July 27, 2020
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A lot of business owners and marketers wonder why and how to use LinkedIn for personal branding.

The answer is – whether you are a business owner or a marketer, you represent the business. And for that reason alone, building a powerful personal branding is vital, and you must be strategic about how you project your image in the market.

You may spend a lot of time focusing on your products and services, but if you do not invest in promoting your personal brand, it is time that you do it now. Always remember, your projected image is the direct reflection on the integrity of your brand.

9 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Personal Branding

Here are nine ways you can use LinkedIn.

1. Optimize your Personal Profile

LinkedIn is a search engine as well as a social networking platform for business networking professionals. Therefore, the words you choose on your profile matter immensely. Use keywords you want to be found for when a potential employer or client searches LinkedIn.

2. Approach Your LinkedIn Like a Resume

Your LinkedIn profile is not something you can create and forget. Keep it updated, especially if you make a career move, speak at conferences, take new courses, or publish new articles. It is your living resume.

3. Use Description to Sell

You can use the description to sell yourself. Be specific, include facts and figures, highlight your accomplishments.

4. Reconsider Your Profile Photo

The first impression is the last. Do not use extreme close-ups or casual photos or a group photo from a party. Use a formal picture with a friendly smiley face and make sure that the picture is crystal clear. You can accomplish this without any professional help; all you need is a little planning.

5. Customize Your LinkedIn Profile’s URL

Take your time to customize your personal LinkedIn URL. Ideally, you may be able to change it to your name. However, if someone has already taken your name, you can add your middle name or use your profession or brand name along with your own.

6. Write Articles for LinkedIn

If you are good at writing, you must consider publishing your articles on LinkedIn. The advantage is when you click the publish button, all your connections will get a notification, and your article will show up on their feed.

What better way to get exposure by using this feature on LinkedIn for personal branding and promotion?

7. Be Strategic while Choosing Your Skills

You can add 50 skills to your LinkedIn Profile. Be as precise as you can and choose the most relevant skills for all 50 slots.

8. Keep it Public

Always keep your profile settings to the public, no matter the purpose you are using LinkedIn. Why alienate your colleagues, future employers, business partners, and customers from seeing your work portfolio?

9. Participate in Groups

Do not undermine the power and effectiveness of participation in a LinkedIn group. These groups are a fantastic way to network with other professionals with similar interests. Down the line, these connections can lead to potential opportunities and business contracts.

Get Started

Now that you know how you can use LinkedIn for personal branding, it is time to get started and use the world’s leading business and professional networking platform to project the best image of you out in the market.

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