LinkedIn Showcase Pages: Why Your Business Should (Or Shouldn’t) Use Them

By DOM Team| 3 Min Read | December 2, 2014
LinkedIn Showcase Pages


If you went to an awesome high school like I did (shoutout to Wheeling Central!), then you probably had a trophy case full of trophies and awards.


Trophy Case at Wheeling Central Catholic High School
All I do is win, win, win, no matter what

Enter adulthood and the professional world. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could still somehow have a showcase to highlight how awesome your business is at certain things? Some type of digital format in addition to your website? Well, now you can – on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Showcase PagesLinkedIn Showcase Pages Logo

LinkedIn Showcase Pages are designed to drive engagement with a dedicated page to highlight specific brands, services, etc. within your organization.


Showcase Pages are extensions of your Company Page, and they should be created to highlight a particular brand, business unit or initiative within your company. The unit that you spotlight should be a unique service or brand that has its own messages and audiences. Interested LinkedIn members can follow your Showcase Page just as they would follow any Company Page. They can also follow a Showcase Page without having to follow the Company Page. Because of this capability, you can share specific content with more targeted audiences who are interested in a particular niche within your company.


How Do I Know If I Need A Showcase Page?

Showcase Pages are intended to develop long term relationships with specific audiences; therefore, they do not make sense for short term marketing campaigns. (LinkedIn Sponsored Updates or display ads may be a better fit for you if your marketing campaign will be short term.)


Showcase Pages are beneficial if you have a significant and continuing offering that has its own unique following. Before creating a Showcase Page, ensure that you have a plan for maintaining an active presence through frequent posts and interaction with followers and others.

Requirements And Specifications For Creating A Showcase Page:

You must be a Company Page administrator in order to create a Showcase Page. You’ll also need the following information:


Showcase Page name

  • Show Page description (75-200 characters)
  • Industry
  • Name of at least 1 Showcase Page administrator
  • Hero image (recommended)


Character Limits And Image Sizes On A Showcase Page:

  • Showcase Page name:100 maximum characters
  • Description: 75-200 maximum characters
  • Hero Image: Minimum 974 x 330 pixels. PNG, JPEG, or GIF. Maximum file size 2 MB. You can crop your image once it’s uploaded.
  • Logo: 100 x 60 pixels. Image will be resized to fit.
  • Square logo: 50 x 50 pixels. Image will be resized to fit.


So go ahead – show off your business’ stuff with a LinkedIn Showcase Page. It’s almost as good as showing off your state championship trophies.


Not sure whether LinkedIn Showcase Pages are right for your business? Or wondering where to even start with your social media strategy? Give us a call!

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