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“Building Reviews Up Is Incredibly Important.” – Justin Joins The Latest Episode Of Keep Optimising

By Jonathan Bentz| 6 Min Read | May 10, 2022
Digital Reputation Management | Reputation Management Service | Keep Optimising Podcast

Justin talks through the importance of generating reviews to improve performance of your website in search in today’s online reputation management podcast from Keep Optimising.

Hosted by Chloe Thomas, Keep Optimising is a marketing podcast that provides a masterclass on an essential eCommerce marketing method each month. Every Wednesday, a new interview with an expert is released that will help listeners take their marketing to the next level.

Below is an excerpt from the latest online reputation management podcast Chloe has released.

“Make sure you respond to those reviews and then reflect – are there things we could have done better? But, we want to get the people that are leaving great reviews, that are really happy with us. So you have to proactively reach out to them. You can select who those people are and determine when are they the happiest… and then that’s the time that you can go ahead and reach out to get a review. Building those reviews up is incredibly important.”

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Important Quotes From This Online Reputation Management Podcast

“The main concept I want to get is that it’s so important to build up those SERPs now before you have an issue. And that’s what people miss out on so much. So when it comes that there’s been a lawsuit, there’s been a negative article, one of your key executives was arrested. Maybe somebody did say something inflammatory and erroneous that you’re dealing with. There’s all sorts of things that can happen either because people have a bone to pick with you and they do things that are not accurate and putting that information on the web or where it doesn’t have anything to do with you at all. It’s so much harder to do the work after the fact than to have it build up before.”

“You bring up a really great point that it’s a two sided coin that if you have a more common name for Jim Smith, Jennifer Brown, it allows you more anonymity. It makes it a little bit
easier to hide, but it is harder to get and maintain when you want to be found in the SERPs. But if you have a name that’s a little bit more uncommon, like Justin Seibert or some of these other things, I don’t have anywhere to hide. Right?! So I have to do my best to keep my nose clean, as much as I’m capable of doing so with my personality, because it’s going to show up.”

“The other thing that people really need to be doing is how can you own as many different profiles as possible that are out there? And so that’s your major social media profiles. But especially if we’re talking about companies, what are some of the other places, like a crunch base or a medium or a Quora? What are those types of places that you can get? And really important is being as consistent as possible with the naming.”

“Make sure your own site, anything that you control is completely optimized. Make sure all of your social media is optimized for your name, doing all the proper SEO that you would expect with link building and everything else. But that’s the easy stuff to start there if it’s not an issue based or you’re not dealing with. Hey, I’m trying to respond to something that’s already out there. Again, go to those sites like CrunchBase or Quora, Start Medium, start building those up as well. Because if you look at a site like CrunchBase, it’s actually an aggregator and it’s a feeder for other sites that are out there. So by getting your listing on that site, it’s going to show up on other sites as well. So the more that you can do those types of things, you want to squat, you want to own. And again, really, I don’t want to beat a dead horse. But the more you can do on review sites, the better and more it’s going to build you up.”

“So, kind of a cross between SEO and reputation management. Reddit whether you like it or don’t like it as a site is really becoming even more of a juggernaut. It’s being used so much and what you’re finding is people are using Google to do searches. So you’re going to start seeing more searches for your brand name and Reddit or for a topic and Reddit. So making sure that you’re monitoring what people are doing. And people love Reddit Those people that are ardent fans because the moderators are so stringent. They really keep out companies from doing self promotion and things like that. So make sure you’re monitoring what’s being said on Reddit about your brand and then if appropriate, you can take it to the next level of being transparent and responding when appropriate or talking through. Let me give you another perspective, but whatever you do, do not try to sneak in there and just let act like you’re a random person and you’re a cheerleader for the company you’re going to sniff out. And more than likely it’s going to lead to bad exposure for you and going to be the complete opposite of what you were looking for.”

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This is Justin’s third appearance on the podcast. In August 2020, he was the featured guest on an episode about generating free Google Shopping traffic. The following year, Justin was a guest on an episode discussing how to maximize performance of keyword search campaigns in Google Ads.

More About The Keep Optimising Podcast

If you’re looking for ways to improve your marketing results, get more traffic, and convert more customers – you should be listening to Keep Optimising.

Each week our host Chloë Thomas (best-selling author of ‘eCommerce Marketing: How to Get Traffic that BUYS to Your Website) interviews experts from around the world to bring you the latest and best advice on how to optimise your marketing.

One of the most important things to do when improving your marketing is to focus. If you’re constantly jumping from one marketing method to the next it’s going to take you forever to make each work for you. To help you focus we’re not jumping from one marketing method to the next either.

Each month we zero in on one marketing method, giving you a different way to improve it in each episode.


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