Pew Generations 2010 Shows Search at #2 and Blogging AWOL

By DOM Team| 2 Min Read | December 22, 2010

So, Pew decides to do one of its inimitable research surveys into internet usage and here’s how it shakes down:

As far as takeaways go, we’ve still got searching for stuff as being the second most common / popular / loved activity across all known age groups. Obviously a similar breakdown how people search would be fairly useful as well.

So, across the board, irrespective of age, the most common uses of the internet are as follows:

  • Email
  • Search engine use
  • Seeking health information
  • Getting news
  • Buying products
  • Making travel reservations or purchases
  • Doing online banking
  • Looking for religious information
  • Rating products, services, or people
  • Making online charitable donations
  • Downloading podcasts

It’s interesting to not that out of all the various internet activities listed, the only one that’s seen a decrease is blogging. Now the main reason for this will be the splintering of traditional blogging activities that would constitute a post in the dim and distant post being usurped by other services / activities.

For example, the posting and sharing of basic links and informational snippets is now more suited to things like twitter, facebook, tumblr and various other social network sites. Blogs are now for adding context or original content.

And that’s just fine by me.

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