October 2021 Webinar: Getting SaaS-y With Google

getting saas-y with google

We do a lot of stuff here at DOM, and the subjects you see covered on this blog are only scratching the surface of the tip of the iceberg of what we do every single day. Pageviews, organic rankings, ad impressions, and all those other data points are important. But we also keep an eye on the most important part of running a successful software as a service (SaaS) company: the bottom line.

Get SaaS-y and Get Those Leads Flowing

One of the most challenging parts of running a business is generating leads that convert to sales. This is especially true for a market as competitive as SaaS, which is as crowded as it is diverse. This is an industry full of big, entrenched interests, medium-sized businesses with a reliable and growing user base—as well as, of course, plucky start-ups looking to disrupt.  

DOM’s Justin Seibert will present alongside Google’s David Hinshillwood. They will show you how to grow demand and increase ARR worldwide, all tailored to SaaS. Here are the main topics that Justin and David will dig into:

How to Build Data-Driven Demand Engines. 

Generate a profitable, predictable flow of leads and opportunities from your target addressable market. 

How to Define Meaningful Metrics

Measure what matters and develop a dashboard on just where you need to focus your attention.

How to Increase Pipeline Close Ratios 

Learn how to fill your funnel with the leads most likely to move to opportunities and sales. 

While Justin and David will focus on SaaS companies, many of the topics they’ll cover could help digital marketers of all kinds. 

Just like all of our webinars, this one is totally free.  

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