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SEO and Content Marketing: A Perfect Match

By Denise DeSimone| 4 Min Read | January 21, 2020
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The best content marketers measure engagement, conversions, and traffic to ensure that people are seeing and engaging with their content. And all that hard work is worth it–because 95% of searchers only look at the first page of search results to find what they’re looking for. Optimizing compelling content for search engines helps ensure you can survive in competitive markets by being present on the first page of results. Getting in front of those target audiences is what SEO, combined with great content, helps you achieve.

The only actionable way to ensure that your online presence grows and gets you leads is by combining the power of SEO and content marketing. The two are great on their own, but they have a lot in common and aim to achieve very similar goals. SEO is what inspired marketers to produce well-thought-out content that tells and supports brand stories and engages readers, changing the way we approach online marketing strategies. 

SEO & Content Marketing Enhance User Experiences

No matter the niche or the industry, SEO helps set up websites up for success by requiring content that is optimized and organized.

Optimized content has to be useful, engaging, and easy-to-digest because customers will not respond to something that does not add any value to their lives, or that addresses their needs. 

One thing is for sure – even if you aren’t using content marketing, your competition surely is. 91% of B2B marketers use it to reach their customers, so if you aren’t employing content marketing, or using it effectively, you’re missing out. 

Content marketing works because good content leads to a great user experience, which not only makes websites rank higher, but it also attracts more people to your site. This strategy means driving more leads for growing your business – and if you do it right, and follow up on those leads, it can drive more conversions as well.

While high-quality content drives traffic to your website, SEO gives it a technical boost by requiring clear-cut titles, headers, categories, and more.

SEO & Content Marketing Help You Understand Your Audiences

Understanding and applying the who, what, when, why, and how behind your target markets can be complicated. SEO and content marketing can help you understand your audiences, what they need, and help you deliver.

Your content should answer questions, address popular trends, and offer advice that is optimized for the readers. Good optimization practices naturally push you to create content that has the purpose of solving a specific problem that your key audiences and customers have. With content, consistency and quality are key: Keep doing this over and over again, and you will build a substantial audience and good traffic in no time.

SEO & Content Marketing Combine to Create Quality Content

Clear and concise content isn’t always easy to create. When SEO and content marketing are working together, they can help you avoid the pitfalls associated with a site that only has general information.

If you have a great blog post, but it’s not optimized for search, poor SEO means your blog post will get lost in a sea of content that no one will ever visit or read. On the other hand, you have a poorly-written blog post that doesn’t provide any value to the reader, but the technical SEO, meaning alt tags, meta description, keywords, and headers, are all optimized, there still isn’t a chance that this post will get any traffic because it doesn’t have any authority on search.

Only strong content paired with proper SEO can help you provide your audiences with something that they will want to read and appreciate–boosting your site to the top of the search results.

Blog posts, articles, web copy – no matter the type of content, SEO is a must if you want to reach top billing in search results and your audiences’ minds.

Together, SEO and content marketing can help businesses establish a powerful online presence where they are respected as thought leaders and influencers while leading to increased levels of engagement, customer loyalty, and attention from potential buyers.

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