Google SGE: Future Proof Against SEO’s Biggest Change in 20 Years

By Jim Foreman| 3 Min Read | January 9, 2024
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Pittsburgh, PA, January 9, 2024 – Direct Online Marketing (DOM), a leader in innovative digital marketing strategies, announces an essential upcoming webinar titled “Google SGE: Future Proof Against SEO’s Biggest Change In 20 Years.” Scheduled for January 30th at 1 PM EST, this webinar is a must-attend event for marketing professionals seeking to navigate the transformative implications of Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE).

Artificial intelligence became all the rage in 2023. The humble chatbot went from a nice-to-have customer service enhancement to a marketing tool as useful and ubiquitous as Microsoft Office. Large language models and increasing customer demand for generative text experiences have turned the entire digital marketing world upside down. Not one to be left behind, Google has rolled out SGE and now it’s up to the rest of the web to adapt.

The webinar, led by DOM’s seasoned SEO experts, will explore the far-reaching impact of Google SGE and generative AI in search. Participants will gain insights into how SGE is shaping the future of search, including its application in generating responses, integrating videos and images, and providing multifaceted information​​ to searchers. The session will also get into the performance enhancements brought by Google’s Gemini, a new family of large language models, and its role in improving SGE’s functionality​​.

Additionally, the webinar will address the growing reliance on AI-powered search tools, with over 25% of users trusting AI-generated search results and brand recommendations, as reported by Statista. As the demand for generative AI tools increases, the webinar will provide actionable strategies for marketers to adapt, such as shifting towards long-tail and conversational keywords, diversifying content types, and leveraging markup schema for better AI response integration​​.

DOM invites CMOs, digital marketing managers, and emerging professionals to join this vital webinar. DOM will demystify some of the complexities of SGE and offer practical guidance for enhancing marketing strategies in an AI-driven search environment.

This event presents a unique opportunity for attendees to stay informed and prepared for SEO’s biggest change in two decades. For more information and to register for “Google SGE: Future Proof Against SEO’s Biggest Change In 20 Years,” visit

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