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Billy Wright

Lead Digital Marketing Strategist
Search Engine Optimization Consulting | billy-wright-headshot

Billy brings to DOM over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. He’s had a lot of exciting jobs over the years (ask him about the goat farm), but eventually settled on SEO as his professional calling.

Billy has worked with websites since building his first site in the mid-1990s, eventually learning about SEO in its earliest days. He would go from there to work in many industries, including doing SEO within the entertainment industry, the auto industry, the steel industry, and consumer goods. Billy has created or consulted on over 500 websites.

Now he does it for DOM’s clients.

Recent Posts By Billy Wright

AI in Marketing: Where Machine Intelligence Meets Human Creativity

8 Min Read | January 4, 2024

Table of Contents Introduction Understanding AI and LLMs Content Creation on Autopilot (Almost) Personalization at Scale Chatbots Turn Frustration into Frictionless Service The Future is…

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Google SGE: What Is It And Should You Be Afraid?

11 Min Read | November 27, 2023

Updated 4/3/2024 Everything changes all of the time. Especially in the world of SEO. Google Search Results could likely be unrecognizably different by this time…

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How To Optimize Your Website For ChatGPT

5 Min Read | February 3, 2023

AI is finally here, and it is named ChatGPT. And it's smart. Wicked smart. Gone are the days of AOL Instant Messenger chatbots - today's…

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Why You Should Set Up Bot Filtering In Google Analytics 4

9 Min Read | January 31, 2023

Updated: 3/18/2024GA4 bot traffic skews website data, pollutes analytics, and ruins otherwise useful metrics. Because of that, you are going to need to prioritize bot…

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What Is The Google Helpful Content Update?

5 Min Read | August 22, 2022

Updated 11/09/2023 Machine Learning and AI have changed everything about The Internet. The new Helpful Content algorithm update from Google is another example of this.…

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