Export Marketing With DOM at Trade Winds Europe/Eurasia 2024

By Jim Foreman| 3 Min Read | April 15, 2024
Trade Winds Conference | Blog Graphic of Ships in Bay

Join Direct Online Marketing (DOM) at Trade Winds 2024, the largest U.S. government-led trade mission and business development forum. Taking place in Istanbul, Türkiye from May 13-15, 2024, this event is where businesses can:

  • Connect with U.S. commercial diplomats: Get expert advice and market-specific insights to guide your expansion strategy.
  • Build your network: Meet potential partners, industry leaders, and companies with similar goals.
  • Discover new markets: Explore untapped potential and identify lucrative customer bases for your products or services.

DOM will also be meeting with businesses, agencies, and associations in Bucharest, Romania May 9-11, 2024.

DOM at Trade Winds: Your Export Marketing Partner

DOM is thrilled to be participating in Trade Winds Europe/Eurasia 2024. With 18 years of digital marketing experience and a strong track record of international success, we’re ready to help you figure out your next move on the global stage.

Attendees in Istanbul will be able to receive expert export marketing advice, including:

  • Export marketing audits: Get a personalized assessment of your current strategies.
  • Strategy consultations: Discuss your goals and create a roadmap for success.

DOM can help you:

  • Amplify Your Global Reach: in Türkiye, throughout Europe, and around the world
  • Maximize Export ROI with Targeted Digital Campaigns
  • Outpace the Competition in Global Markets
  • Speak Your Customers’ Language – Literally and Digitally

DOM’s Experience in Export Marketing

We understand the rewards and challenges of international business firsthand. We’re experienced exporters ourselves, and we’ve helped clients sell into over 150 countries around the globe. We can help you with:

  • Targeted campaigns: We craft campaigns that resonate with diverse cultures and languages.
  • Data-driven strategies: We focus on maximizing ROI, ensuring smart investments that drive growth.
  • Success stories: Our proven track record speaks for itself – let us share how we’ve helped others succeed.

Our Export Marketing Services

DOM offers a full range of services to support your international growth:

  • Targeted Ad Campaigns: Reach the right customers at the right time.
  • International SEO: Achieve visibility in global searches.
  • Localization: Adapt your messaging for cultural resonance.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Track results and optimize campaigns.
  • Financing Options: We can help you explore financing for export efforts.

Beyond Trade Winds 2024

Trade Winds 2024 is just the beginning. DOM offers full-service international marketing tailored to your export goals. 

Check out some of our resources on international digital marketing and how these strategies can help you with your own efforts.

Why are we so confident we can help? Because we’re award-winning exporters, too.

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