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Usually, when I post for Veterans Day, I post some sort of video that’s happy but also makes you bawl.  It’s good to stop and reflect about these brave men and women and be reminded of the sacrifices they make by watching their families’ faces.

To be a little different this time, I’d like to show some pictures of the sacrifices they make.  Sometimes they sacrifice everything:


memorial crosses at Normandy


Sometimes they sacrifice physical parts. Sometimes they sacrifice their peace.

I never served, so I won’t pretend to understand the depths of their sacrifices; I just want to thank them for the freedoms my family and I enjoy.

If you do nothing else today – and any day of the year – please stop and thank a veteran or active member of our military.  If you’re able, consider giving to a cause that helps veterans in your community.  This year once again, we’ll be donating to Helping Heroes.  They are veteran run (by Jeremy Harrison) and do a lot of good for local veterans in assimilating back into civilian life, including a living space that is nearly complete.  If you’re local to the Ohio Valley, please consider donating to them and helping our veterans.  If you’re not, consider an organization like the Wounded Warrior Project.

Oh, okay, here’s one more video to make you cry with joy:


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