Helping Exporters Grow With Confidence At Trade Winds 2023: Access ASEAN

By Jonathan Bentz| 3 Min Read | January 25, 2023
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We’re thrilled to announce today that our agency founder and President Justin Seibert will be a featured expert during a digital strategy panel on March 15 in Bangkok as part of the 2023 Trade Winds U.S. Commercial Service mission to Southeast Asia.

Justin has been invited by directors at the USCS to be a panelist during a presentation titled “Regional Lookahead: Supply Chain and Digital Strategy,” scheduled to take place on Wednesday morning during day 3 of the Trade Winds Forum in Bangkok, Thailand.

More Details On Trade Winds 2023

  • Who: Justin Seibert and Direct Online Marketing
  • What: Trade Winds 2023 – Access ASEAN: Explore Business Opportunities In Southeast Asia and Beyond!
  • When: March 10-16, 2023
  • Where: Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia
  • Why: To explore business opportunities in southeast Asia and beyond with the largest U.S. government-led trade mission and business development forum.

Want more info or to see the full program schedule? Click here.

What Is Trade Winds?

Trade Winds is the largest trade mission and business development forum led by the U.S. government. Our agency has taken part in several of these trade missions over the years as part of our efforts to advise businesses both from and outside the United States on how to grow their businesses through digital marketing.

This annual trade mission is designed to help companies growth and increase visibility in specific global markets. All companies that attend participate in the Trade Winds Forum. This 3-day event includes:

  • A business conference
  • Meetings with U.S. commercial diplomats
  • Networking opportunities
  • More than one receptions
  • Sponsor exhibitions

Trade Winds Forums in the past have been attended by over 300 business professionals and serves as the main meeting place for all who make the trip from the U.S.

Additional Business Opportunities On This Mission

Matchmaking meetings are also available for U.S. exporters with pre-screened buyers, agents, distributors or joint-venture partners in Thailand as well as:

  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia

In addition to serving as President of our company, Justin also serves as a board member of a regional District Export Council.  Check out some of our top resources on international digital marketing and how these strategies can help you grow with confidence.

Looking to grow your exports with confidence? Our team has helped companies from every populated continent sell into over 150 countries

Why are we so confident we can help? Because we’re award-winning exporters, too.

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