Twitter Listens to Advertisers’ Demand for Tracking & More Tweet Control

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Twitter is doing what social media was designed to do…. they’re listening to their audience; well their advertisers anyway. There are two new features which will enable advertisers to better track the success of their campaigns and have a little more control over which tweets are promoted.

Track Your Follower Growth

You can now track the growth of your followers from the Twitter dashboard. This chart, available for Promoted Accounts, gives advertisers an at-a-glance view of how their Twitter following has grown, stayed stagnant, or dare I say it…decreased. The new chart displays paid and unpaid followers for the date range you would like to view.

Select Your Promoted Tweets

I don’t blame advertisers for being unhappy with Twitter choosing their tweets. It would be like running an ad in the newspaper, but you can only choose from one that you previously ran. What? So, Twitter has appeased their advertisers and is giving them control over which Tweets are promoted. This means that advertisers can push tweets for a specific product, promotion or event.

With this new feature, you can select a few Tweets for promotion and actually tweet from within the advertising interface. One tip Twitter has for you advertisers: “Remember to add new Tweets every couple of days to keep users engaged with fresh content.”

So, go forth and tweet!

Update: These features are now available for all Twitter advertising accounts!

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