International SEM

We have helped clients from every populated continent sell their products and services. We're an exporter ourselves and have won awards for our efforts. Beyond our own exporting, we're proud to have helped our clients sell to over 150 countries around the world. We sit on our state's District Exporting Council and have spoken to organizations at events throughout the Americas and Europe about how to grow their businesses online.

Our talented group of digital marketing specialists have built a wealth of knowledge from real-world tests yielding $100's of millions in sales for our clients. You can rely on our expertise to provide you with strategic recommendations to provide you the most profitable export marketing campaigns possible.

Financing may be available for your export marketing efforts. Ask us how.

Why Hire DOM

  • Top 200 Global Premier Google Partner
  • Foreign Search Engine Experience
  • Exposure in Your Target Market
  • Native Translation
  • Organic Google Traffic Growth
  • More Conversions (Higher ROI)
  • Increased Lead Generation
  • Higher E-commerce Sales Growth
  • Access to Special Google Programs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Based Service
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Perhaps you're an experienced exporter looking to crack a new market or improve sales in an existing territory. Or maybe you're new to exporting altogether. Either way we can help. We've helped clients export their products and services (yes, services) to more than 150 countries around the world and can help you, too. We understand the differences between domestic and foreign sales and can help you reach exactly the right audience.

What You Receive

When you hire DOM for export digital marketing, you get a full, well-rounded effort. All plans are customized for your needs, but include many of the following depending on the tactics chosen:

Strategic Planning

Upon engagement, we develop a custom strategic plan to meet your exporting goals. This plan lays out all work we know is necessary for success, but allows flexibility for adjustments based on campaign performance and changing objectives.

Keyword & Competitive Research

We love search engines for export marketing because they're all about intent. In which regions are people looking for what you sell? We can help you test demand and work in conjunction with other resources like the U.S. Commercial Service or SelectUSA. We'll find out how people are searching for what you sell and what your in-market and foreign competition looks like.

Full Account Management

Running ad campaigns is the quickest way to test markets for interest and begin generating leads and sales. We can set up test campaigns as well as run accounts for ongoing efforts. Leave everything to us to manage the campaigns and guide you through the digital export marketing process.

Ad Creation & Testing

If you are running ad campaigns, we'll write a variety of ads for your review and test them against one another. While this testing helps campaign performance, it also offers insight into what messaging may work in face-to-face meetings and other sales and marketing campaigns.

Website Optimization

When you're already sure of a market, search engine optimization (SEO) may be your best long-term play. We have the experience to help you target specific countries and languages, including how to set up a multi-nation approach. Gain visibility in all your target markets.

Country Testing & Optimization

We'll help you narrow down a list of target markets into your best performers. Some clients use campaign results to determine other business objectives, such as which markets to visit or to set appointments for visits. We'll assist you in all your export marketing objectives and return the highest possible ROI from all international SEM efforts.

Native Translation

While Google Translate is great in a pinch to translate an email you received, it doesn't work so well for important marketing materials and efforts. We'll use native translating marketers that we have on our team whenever possible. When not, we'll use professional translation and localization. Plus we can work with your team, distributors, etc.

Updates & Reporting

As any exporter knows, communication is even more important when working with someone in a different country than your own. If you're outside the U.S., you can count on us for weekly Skype sessions and reporting. If you're a fellow American company, we'll give you the same treatment so you know exactly what is going on with your campaigns and can track the performance of your investment.

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