Which Twittering Twit…

…after being explained the intricacies of Twitter said, of a tweet’s 140 character posting limit, “Is that per month?”

a) My lovely wife, Stephanie.
b) Ms. Riley, the world’s oldest blogger, who died this weekend at the age of 108.
c) An old chum I met on facebook recently who asked what Google was when replying to what I said I did for a living.
d) Me.

I may or may not reveal the answer, but it’s a reminder not to be consumed by assumptions.

After all, if Olive Riley didn’t start a blog until she’d passed the hundred mark and beyond partially sighted, then there’s hope for us all.

Olive Riley: 1899-2008

While she’s apparently faking it in the pic (everything was written by her surrogate who shall be 70 this year!) due to her terrible eyesight, you’ve got to salute the woman.

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