Who’s Using Google’s Personalized Search?

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Have you ever wondered why your Google search results look different on other computers to your own? Have you ever wondered why you get different results when searching from within a different browser that isn’t signed into Gmail?

It’s personalized results, yknow. Just have a look at the following video if you’re a bit bemused by what I’m talking about:

It’s one of those things that still confuses certain elements as they’re not always aware of the changes in their own personal search results and are deliriously happy that their own site ranks in the top three for gold bars or something.

But, I get Google’s thinking – if it means something to you personally then it makes more sense for it to display more prominently for you than for everybody.

After all, one man’s #1 SERP is another man’s spam.

But, we’re interested to find out what the general feeling is about personalized searches since they’ve been in operation for a while.

Do you prefer them? Did you know they existed? Do you even have a Google account?

Or are you happy you’ve finally been able to work out why your search results pop around all over the place dependent on which computer you’re on?

Answers in the comments please.

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