5 Ways to Work Some Holiday Into Your Ads

Holiday Blogging Tips


It’s the holiday season! (Cue the music).


Let’s face it, this season is one of the biggest selling periods of the year. So, how do you stay ahead of the game and appeal to your audience during the holiday hustle and bustle? Well, one way is to work some holiday into your ads.


  1. Add a touch of holly. A little bit can go a long way. If you’re advertising on the display network or social media, add some holly, a red bow, or anything festive to the corner of the image. This portrays to the audience that you recognize the holiday season and may have some great deals that they need to take advantage of.




  1. Change up your text. Customers are so used to seeing “50% Off. Order Now!” or “Great Deals!” They want to see what it is you can offer this holiday season. So, be creative! If you sell gloves, use some copy that reads “Baby, it’s Cold Outside! Warm Up with a New Pair of Gloves.” If you sell products that are irrelevant to the cold season, no worries. You can still play off of this holiday. Check out Starbucks ad or FedEx’s to get your creative juices flowing.


  1. Work in some new fonts & colors. There are a ton of free commercial font downloads you can snag up and use in your ads. For this season, step outside the box and use something festive, like DaFont’s Christmas fonts.


  1. Try a different background. Again – there are a ton of images you can buy for pretty cheap on sites like Fotolia. And, a little tip for you – if you go to Google images and click on Search Tools – Usage Rights – and sort by “Labeled for reuse”, you can use any of those images, too! You are welcome.




  1. Change up your text ads. Running search ads only? Work in some new verbiage like “The Perfect Gift for the Holidays!” or “Still Need to Do Some Holiday Shopping?” Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What verbiage would entice you to click on the ad?



If you haven’t worked in any festiveness in your ads yet, you still have some time. We’re all in the holiday spirit, so get your ads in it too! Happy Holidays, everyone!

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