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How to DOMinate Black Friday Marketing

By DOM Team| 2 Min Read | October 12, 2022
How to Dominate Black Friday Marketing | Online Black Friday Marketing

Let us help you knock your Black Friday marketing ideas out of the park. Since the beginning of the global pandemic, numerous major retailers have elected to be closed on Thanksgiving following years of creeping up the start times of their holiday in-store shopping.

Want to see a list of major retailers and their operating hours for Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2022? Click here.

Because of this major shift in retail to being closed on Thanksgiving and focusing more on driving sales online, specialty online retailers with a sophisticated digital advertising strategy have a unique opportunity this year to increase online sales and “compete against the big guys.”

Are you ready to make your holiday marketing campaigns this year your best ever? Great, let’s crush it!

Not exactly sure where to get started? Do you expect that once again Black Friday isn’t going to look the same as it has in previous years and want to make the most of your digital marketing efforts for your online store?

If yes, you may want to check out our Black Friday marketing ideas webinar on-demand.

What Black Friday Marketing Ideas Should You Expect In This Webinar?

Areas covered include:

  • Free listings on Google Shopping and Microsoft Bing Shopping
  • Removing friction from the online checkout process
  • Setting up your retargeting campaigns for success NOW
  • Optimizing product and category pages at scale
  • Enticing people to buy with promotions
  • Analyzing audience data to better plan your campaigns
  • Leveraging Google’s new 0% commission Buy on Google marketplace
  • Adjusting campaigns on the fly throughout the day (and the entire holiday season) to maximize ROAS

Want more? If you check the box for a 1-on-1 when you register to watch the webinar, a strategist will arrange a 15-minute call to discuss how you’re currently marketing and identify opportunities to optimize your efforts.

Click here to watch the Black Friday webinar on-demand!

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