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How and Why to Link Google Search Console in Google Ads (Updated August 2018)

Google just announced – wait, it was actually announced back in 2013, but that was so five years ago 🙂 – that you can link… Read More

why you should link your search console to google ads

Image SEO: Does Alt Text Still Matter in 2018?

Anna Davis | August 21, 2018 |  

With all of the buzz following Google’s redesign of their image search UI in February, image search engine optimization (SEO) is back with a vengeance.… Read More

Image SEO & Why Alt Text Still Matters

Facebook Recommendations: What You Need to Know (Updated August 2018)

Editor’s Note: On August 6, 2018, Facebook announced that they are renaming the Reviews users have come to expect on business pages as “Recommendations”. While… Read More

facebook recommendations - facebook reviews - what's the difference?

The Beginner’s Influencer Marketing Guide

To understand one of the more buzzed-about digital promotion tactics, this influencer marketing guide for beginners is a terrific place to start.  Digital marketers constantly… Read More

The Definitive Influencer Marketing Guide

7 Signs You’re Spending Too Much on Google Ads

Anna Davis | July 24, 2018 |  , ,

Pay-per-click advertising is a competitive and tricky world to navigate. Ad platforms like Google’s are incredibly effective marketing tools. But without extensive knowledge and experience… Read More

7 Signs You're Spending Too Much in Google Ads

Why LinkedIn Is Messing Up Your Analytics Traffic Data (and How to Fix It)

Stephanie Mahnken | July 19, 2018 |  

If you have been using Google Analytics or any web analytics tool for any length of time, you’ve probably come to experience that your data… Read More

Google Analytics Issues: How LinkedIn Is Screwing Up Direct Traffic

3 Amazing Excel Tricks For Marketers For Better Data Analysis

Steve D'Angelo | July 6, 2018 |  ,

At the risk of sounding too cliché regarding Excel for marketers, the age-old phrase remains true: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. To do… Read More

You Caught a Competitor Leveraging Your Brand Name in Google. Here are Your Options.

Branded search engine ranking positions (aka SERPs) can make or break your online presence within your market and your customers’ minds. When a user performs… Read More

Competitor keyword bidding

How Important Are Social Media Profiles to SEO Anyway?

Social media is about so much more than just attractive pictures and recycled memes — without adequate consideration, social media can either help or hurt… Read More

Social profiles influence SEO DOM

Making Sense of PPC Metrics – A Guide for CMO’s

I’ve been involved in PPC a pretty long time – since 2001 and the days of*.  Originally I worked in-house and had to be… Read More

PPC Metric Infographic Direct Online Marketing
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