– Google’s Personal Fashion Shopper

Here’s one for all you fashionistas lurking in the bowels of our digital marketing blog.

Today, Google launched “a personalized shopping experience that lets you find and discover fashion goods, by creating your own curated boutique or through a collection of boutiques curated by taste-makers—celebrities, stylists, designers and fashion bloggers. Boutiques uses computer vision and machine learning technology to visually analyze your taste and match it to items you would like.

The last person you need telling you whether this particular Google venture has its awfully well manicured pinkies on a fashionably racing pulse is some no-name 40-something SEO chap.

Not that it’s stopped a whole host of 50-something SEOs from sticking their oars in on the subject.

But, I couldn’t care less if Michael Gray considers a poor affiliate with identical meta titles throughout the site.

So, I asked my wife — who is closer to the target audience for such a site — without explaining what is was and just telling her to have a look at Google’s announcement on their blog and to take it from there.

Within thirty seconds she’d announced how awesome it was and how she spent most of her days browsing for clothes by searching through Google images of celebrities and curating their fashion sense. (Really, love?)

Which, in effect, is what boutiques aims to do.

This thing is the ultimate PERSONAL assistant for women who like to SEARCH for clothes.

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