Increased Organic Traffic & Demo Requests for Workforce Communication SaaS


Following a rebrand of their workforce communication platform in 2015, a SaaS company was struggling to generate a regular flow of traffic; they were also struggling to solicit marketing-qualified demonstration requests for their award-winning communication platform.

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They hired DOM in 2017 to implement SEO and produce scalable organic traffic growth. More specifically, the goal was to drive more qualified demo requests from organic search, which was the company's no. 2 traffic channel overall and their no. 1 source of demo requests.

During our engagement, organic search became the no. 1 source of traffic for the site, growing more than 44% in the first year.

With DOM’s efforts, organic search remained the company’s top-performing source of demo requests, and the percentage of total demo requests generated by organic traffic also outpaced that of all other channels.


In addition to organic traffic increasing 44% YoY, the total percentage of demo requests contributed by SEO became the majority driver at 60% of all such requests.

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