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Award Winning Big Data SaaS

An innovative big data automation platform saw organic search as a means to spur the growth of its brand in its quest to acquire new leads.

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367% Organic Search Traffic

Their Challenge

An innovative big data automation IPaaS that has been awarded by the Business Intelligence Group as Product of the Year was creating blog content for years following the completion of its Series B financing round.

Getting attention for the content it was creating, however, was an important challenge they had to overcome. This IPaaS provided an automated solution to a problem many data engineers were not aware they could automate. Because of that, content marketing and prospect education was a top priority.

They needed a customized SaaS SEO strategy to increase product awareness, present their team as thought leaders, and attract enterprise brands to request a demo.

Based on our previous success helping other startups market to developers using big data platforms, our team was selected to help them grow confidently online.

Our Solution

Following an initial SEO audit, our discovered that their evergreen blog content performed well on LinkedIn, but failed to attract more traffic from search engines. Many of the best performing posts on LinkedIn were also at least six months old and used a lot very technical, complex jargon. That mix of age and technical complexity was not aligned for a company who’s marketing goals included greater brand awareness and demo requests from search engines.

Our team put together a SaaS SEO plan of action to optimize these high-value blog posts for both search engines and leadership at enterprise companies that make buying decisions on technology.

In addition to making recommendations on new blog content to create, our team also performed “historical optimization” on content that was at least six months old. To briefly summarize this tactic, we found old blog posts on their site that either:

  • Generated a lot of traffic (from LinkedIn)
  • Converted

Then, once we identified those posts, we refreshed the content and re-published it with an “updated on” date that was more recent.

This strategy – paired with our standard SEO services – helped position the leadership team at this IPaaS as thought leaders. Historical optimization is a great SEO tactic designed to get long term value out of content that was published long ago.

And it helped scale visibility and awareness of this SaaS with it’s target decision makers in a way other online marketing channels like Google Ads or social media advertising proved unable to replicate.

How We Help SaaS Companies Grow Online With Confidence

This SaaS SEO success story isn’t the first and only case study of us helping companies in the software and tech sectors generate more demand and sales opportunities using digital marketing. Check out some of these other case studies to learn more about some of the results we have help our clients achieve.

Huge SEO Improvements

“After hiring DOM to improve our SEO, we saw a huge increase in traffic to our website and incoming leads. So happy we decided to invest in this effort.”

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The Results

For this award-winning IPaaS, blogging means business. Historical optimization, content strategy, and our other SEO services resulted in a 367% lift in traffic from organic search.

Our success delivering them confident growth through SEO also led them to trust us with running paid search advertising campaigns when they learned some IBM customers were going to migrate data warehouses.