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International University

This global liberal arts university needed to generate potential students interested in multiple campuses and its online degree programs. We dropped their cost per student lead by 97% within just three months before scaling out their campaigns.

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Their Challenge

To create a campaign strategy to reach potential students in 21 degree categories and drive more student contacts to admissions. The university outlined cost per conversion and conversion rates as its two most important KPIs.

Our Solution

DOM completely rebuilt the university’s Google Ads account and opened one in Bing Ads to reach the full spectrum of U.S. searchers. Targeting was expanded to international students for the university’s various campuses and online programs. Campaigns were grouped by theme to allow the university to best tailor its messaging to student and parent interests.

New landing pages were designed to increase conversion rates by enticing a higher percentage of prospects to submit information without increasing ad spend.

The university now reaches a wide array of potential students looking for specific degrees or how to enter specific fields from all over the world. Prospects self-select into their desired campus and program interests. Leads are then funneled to the appropriate admissions contact.

PPC For A Liberal Arts College

“Selecting them was a no brainer. Their relationship as a Premier Google Partner is a major benefit for us.”

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Jose Mallabo
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The Results

Within months, DOM reduced the university’s cost per conversion 97.39% and more than doubled the conversion rate. This resulted in the university receiving twice as many student prospects at no extra cost.

Based on this success, DOM then expanded efforts into retargeting, video, and social media advertising to complement continued search engine advertising efforts.