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Multinational European Medical Clinic

A group of medical clinics based in Europe wanted to unite under one global brand while also increasing it's traffic, visibility, and demand for hair transplant consultations in three key markets. Our experience with complex SEO-friendly site migrations and status as one of Google's Top 3% Premier Partners helped us overcome language barriers and help them reach record setting results for their personalized consultations.

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Their Challenge

According to Inkwood Research reports in 2017, the global market for cosmetic surgeries and nonsurgical procedures was projected to increase from 26.3 billion US dollars in 2016 to nearly 46 billion US dollars by 2026.

In the summer of 2018, a European organization that operated clinics in France, Italy, and Greece was challenged with combining all of their independent operations under one global brand. France was given a special urgency due to the fact that the company was preparing to open up a second clinic in that country – in Paris, Europe’s third highest populated city.

Our team of digital marketing strategists were retained to work alongside their team of web developers and clinical specialists around the world to help:

  • Navigate the complex process of mapping three domain names into a new one
  • Leveraging SEO best practices to increase website traffic and consultation requests in all three countries
  • Composing weekly blog content that was engaging while also being able to be efficiently translated into three different languages
  • Creating demand for their hair restoration services in France through Google Ads and social media advertising

To further complicate the challenge of marketing this medical practice, all of the work needed to be done working with vendors throughout the Mediterranean who didn’t speak English as their first language. Meanwhile, our entire team was comprised of native English speakers.

Our Solution

We started marketing this medical practice by providing SEO services and consulting with their web development team to provide a site that was functioned in adherence to Google’s Core Web Vitals measurements.

Our results were made possible by focusing on three key components of successful full-service digital marketing campaigns:

SEO Services: Once the migration services were complete, we fixed issues and warnings discovered in our site auditing tools, collaborating frequently with their Mediterranean-based web development firm to improve site speed in adherence with Google’s Core Web Vitals measurements. Our team also provided extensive keyword research and competitor gap analysis to make data-driven decisions about how to target their content, even though we didn’t speak the languages of the content we were optimizing.

Weekly Blog Post Creation: It’s hard to position a website for success in search engines without creating thought leadership content on a regular schedule. Our team wrote a well-optimized blog post weekly in English, then had it translated into French, Greek, and Italian so that it could be published on the site. Due to the technical expertise required for content published on healthcare websites following the Medic Update, this content required significant research and technical detail. To help cut down on some of the internal review required by their clinicians, our team often translated unique posts written in one language into English, and then had them translated from English to the other two required languages.

Search Engine Marketing: To further support demand generation efforts for their hair restoration services in France, we expanded their paid search campaigns. Despite the language barrier, our expertise as one of Google’s Top 3% Premier Partners provided us with the know how necessary to improve how this medical clinic leveraged dynamic search. We also reviewed and made improvements to their retargeting settings in Google. Finally, due to the sensitive nature of the consultations this medical clinic schedules, we added Click-to-call ads to their campaigns. These ads only showed on mobile devices, but they allowed those searching online that were interested in a consultation to speak directly to a representative instead of being required to fill out a web form.

A Culture Of Transparency

“DOM is truly the most transparent advertising team I’ve worked with in this industry, and I am so grateful. I know we made the right decision.”

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Christina Fleming
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The Results

Many agencies can generate traffic when asked to lead marketing for a medical practice. Our strategic digital marketing solutions for this medical clinic resulted in an increase in qualified prospects for their hair restoration and aesthetics services on a global scale – not just in one country.

Comparing their organic search traffic in 2021 to the previous year, they experienced an improvement of 141%.

On the advertising side, our improvements to their ad targeting and the addition of the “Click-to-call” campaign also led to a 51% increase in consultation inquiries over a 6-month period.