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Google Places Best Ever Ratings: Do They Matter?

February 2, 2012 |   , ,

Have you heard of the “Best Ever” medal for businesses on Google Places? Surely you must have, since it was introduced almost 8 months ago.… Read More

The YouTube Channel Upgrade

January 3, 2012 |

Have you checked your YouTube account lately? Surprise! Your channel got an upgrade. Since our Direct Online Marketing™ YouTube has a new look too, I’ve been… Read More

Want to Hang Yourself? Twitter Says, “Go for It!”

About a month ago, we were alerted to a tweet by one of our clients of a man who threatened to kill himself.  While we… Read More

Facebook Reviews Link Going Away on Halloween

October 6, 2011 |

When I logged into our facebook page today, I saw a message saying facebook recommendations reviews were going away. “That was quick,” I thought to… Read More

The 1 Place Google Places Still Shows Outside Reviews

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile or have spoken to me ever, you probably know one thing about me: I’m obsessed (cursed?) with… Read More

Google Places Goes It Alone (with Reviews) – UPDATED

If you weren’t paying attention last week you missed that Google Places has dropped 3rd party review ratings and stars from its pages.  That meant… Read More

Interview with on Dealer Ratings: Part 2

On Wednesday, we posted the first half of an interview with Nick Hummer of about how their new dealer ratings & review system is… Read More

Interview with on New Dealer Review System: Part 1

As we mentioned before, switched over to a new dealers review and rating system this past March, which is currently in an opt-in stage. … Read More

Bing Giving More Prominence to Local Review Site Ratings

I really wasn’t looking to do a second post today, but saw something on a bing search that caught my eye: they’re now putting logos… Read More

Social Media Week, Upcoming Appearances & Facebook Deals

I have a few more gigs coming up in the next couple weeks, so I wanted to pass along some details.  As a thank you… Read More

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