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When I logged into our facebook page today, I saw a message saying facebook recommendations reviews were going away.

“That was quick,” I thought to myself.  Facebook forced recommendations in the upper right hand corner of business pages only back in July.  I was guessing they just received a lot of negative feedback from big advertisers who were tired of trying to police their pages from facetious recommendations.  Like, say, ESPN (and trust me, this is just one of many examples – you could do a drinking game hitting refresh and looking for sarcastic recommendations).

Turns out if you click on the link can read, they’re only getting rid of facebook Reviews and Discussions “tabs.”  I think it’s cute they’re still officially referred to as tabs even though they’ve been nothing but really menu items since facebook’s layout change.

So instead of cowing to advertiser complaints and removing negative discussion from being so visible, facebook has moved in the opposite direction making it (and positive discussion) more in your face.

Fare thee well, Reviews and Discussions.  We hardly knew ye.

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