Facebook Check-In Changes are Coming Soon (Timeline Wasn’t Enough?)

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As we all know, Facebook has been making some changes lately. Although you’re probably tired of me talking about them, and I’m sure you’re all experts on the Timeline layout by now, I have one more update. I promise this will be the only blog post about Facebook that I write this week. 😉

Back in 2010, Facebook introduced users to check-in features, which were (and still are) similar to geosocial network Foursquare. Every time someone checks in at a local business using Facebook, the business’s  total check-in number goes up on their Page. Generally, this makes sense, and many loyal patrons check in regularly to their favorite places. But are some people checking in too often?

I think Facebook decided that, logically, if someone visits the same restaurant, park, museum, or business multiple times each day, each subsequent return after the first should not be considered unique. So, in an effort to increase the accuracy of check-ins, Facebook plans to implement a few changes to the check-in functions, and according to Facebook, they’ll occur in a few weeks. Without further ado…

Facebook Check-In Changes

The biggest change is that any subsequent check-ins will no longer count as separate visits if they occur within 12 hours of the first. Similarly, Facebook will also be more accurate in counting photo check-ins, combining all photos from the same location into just 1 check-in. However, any other individuals tagged in those photos will still count as an additional check-in.

But will these changes have a drastic effect on local business Pages?

Overall, I think most businesses will maintain their current number of check-ins, and even loyal patrons probably won’t visit twice within 12 hours. I mean, I guess there are some exceptions. Technically, if someone eats dinner at McDonald’s around 7PM on Wednesday and then returns for breakfast on Thursday morning at 6:30AM, their visits should technically be considered separate.

But would you really want to tell everyone that you’ve eaten at McDonald’s twice within 12 hours?

So in the next few weeks, watch your check-ins, and let us know if you notice any serious statistic spikes!

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