Reach 75% (Instead of 16%) of Your Fans with Facebook’s New Ad Features

By DOM Team| 3 Min Read | March 8, 2012

More than likely you already have a Facebook page for your business. (And if you don’t, shame, shame on you!) So let’s say that you have a very important event coming up and you turn to Facebook to share this event with all your Fans. You figure some of your fans may share it with their friends and hopefully you’ll get a nice turnout. Well, what if I told that you might only reach 16 percent of your fans in a week with a standard story? That’s not many.

In order to increase your brand’s reach and ROI, Facebook has launched three new features:

New Page Features: Facebook refers to the new Pages as “Mission Control for your Business” and they’re not kidding. You now have the ability to really tout your brand’s identity and engage with your audience like never before. See Kristen’s post on The New Facebook Pages Design for the deets on this overhaul.

Reach Generator: Instead of reaching only 16 percent of your fans, with Reach Generator you can reach 50 percent each week and 75 percent each month- Guar-an-teed! WOW, that’s quite a jump in brand exposure and quite a tall-guarantee!

Facebook will turn your post into a Sponsored Story that is placed on the right side of your fan’s homepage or within their news feed for both desktop and mobile customers. Yes, I said mobile. This new feature enable you to reach mobile users!

Premium on Facebook: Again, Facebook will take your post and replicate it across four premium placements; 1) right-side of the homepage, 2) news feed on the homepage, 3) news feed on mobile, and 4) log-out page.

The best part about Premium is the ability to target Facebook users….not just your fans! This is an opportunity to grow your Facebook presence and raise brand awareness with users who aren’t already “Liking” you. For non-users, the Premium ads will not appear in their news-feed; only on the right side of their homepage.

When combined with Reach Generator, businesses can reach and engage 75 percent of fans within a month’s time and a well-run campaign can deliver social drive ROIs of 3 times or greater.

How to Get Started with New Facebook Ad Features

Ok, sign me up. I’m in. I want 75 percent of my fans to see my event. Oh, wait. There’s one small pitfall of these new features on Facebook; you have to meet their criteria in order to qualify. What’s that criteria, you ask? While I’m not privy to this information because it hasn’t been made public yet, we assume that a large brand with hundreds of thousands of fans would easily qualify.

We’ll keep you ‘posted’ about the qualifications once they have been ‘shared’ with the world. Stay tuned!

(While the puns may be bad, none were harmed during the writing of this article!)

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